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Are These Yankees Players Worth $440 Millions?

Are These Yankees Players Worth $440 Millions?

Are These Yankees Players Worth $440 Millions?Back in the last part of the 2013 MLB season and in between the 2014 spring training camps, the Yankees of New York vowed some $440 million dollars to 4 of their players with the goal of getting a return on that investment. To date, they have not made a playoff game and have recouped very little on that sizeable investment.

That is not necessarily a sign of poor negotiations, but the true value has not been revealed to date. The 4 players that were signed in these high value deal were: Carlos Beltran, Brian McCann, Masahiro Tanaka and Jacoby Ellsbury.

In those days the Yankees passed on renewing the contract of R. Cano and the deal he demanded of 10 years, and that’s when the 4 players in McCann, Beltran, Tanaka and Ellsbury became New York Yankees.

According to most sportsbook review websites ,the Yankees after signing the mention 4 players for some $440 million to long term deals, and again did not make the playoffs in the 2014 season. This 20015 season at the All-Star break finds the Yankees in a dogfight for the top spot in the AL East with 4 other teams, in a very competitive division.

Of the 4 players that signed before the start of 2014, only one, McCann, is proving his worth; while the other 3 have been affected by injury problems or saddled with not performing to par. The problem here, is that normally in long term deals the player are expected to have their top performances in the early years of the contract. That’s because in a long extended contract, the team will normally experience fewer returns on their investment in most cases.

Ellsbury is on the 2nd year of his $153 million 7 year contract and is on the Yankees disabled list at present, and has not played in a game since back on the 19th on May 2015. He also had injury problems in 2014 but played mediocre, and this season to date actually played 37 games and missed 40 games to date.

For Beltran his 2014 season was not spectacular, as he only average .233 at the bat having 50 RBIs and some 15 homeruns for the season and due to an elbow injury did not play in 53 games and in the offseason had surgery on his elbow. This 2015 he seemed healthier and hitting .262 with 31 RBIs and 7 HRs in his 66 games to date, but remember he’s 38 and has 1 additional year on his $47 million dollar contract.

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But their 4th player and pitcher Tanaka is the player that is the most frustrating case for the Yankees, as he was signed with the reputation of being a incredible starting pitcher who was given a 7 year contract for some $155 million, and that does not count his signing fee of $20 million.

For those that Bet on MLB at an online Sportsbook, you may remember Tanaka was the certified Japanese Ace with an ERA of 2.30 and a record of 99-35 playing for the Golden Eagles of Rakuten for some seven seasons. In his first season, at least the 1st half of that season it appeared he would duplicate his past in the USA. Then the unthinkable happened when he encountered a torn ligament in his pitching elbow, that took place on the 8th of July against the Indians, and since he has not performed to his potential.

Overall the Yankees management and Manager Cashman said their deal was made, and there’s no going back, and now we can only look for the future to bring us success, and hope it will not be a bust of monumental proportions.