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NFL Betting Tutorial: Betting Strategies

NFL Betting Tutorial: Betting Strategies

NFL Betting Tutorial: Betting StrategiesWith the 2015-16 NFL season rapidly approaching we thought we would give you some NFL Betting Strategies to improve your odds to increase your gambling profit margin.

So here are a few NFL betting strategies to give you the best chance at winning some money during this coming NFL season.

It is important for you to realize that one needs to win some 52.5% of your bets on the NFL betting at -110 odds to insure a profit for the season.  Now that does not sound impossible, but only the best of the best are getting 53 plus % winners each and every year.

The 1st strategy we suggest is using a money management system.

That’s because when you bet during the season, you should allocate a particular amount of cash to bet, that your sure you can afford to lose, and we call that your ‘personal bankroll’. You can do this on a weekly, monthly or on a seasonal basis.

An example is you could allocate some $2,000 dollars for the entire NFL 2015-16 seasons to use as your bankroll.  To start you should consider betting from 2 to 5 % on each bet, betting 2% on you less favorite games and 5% for the games that you like very much! If you use this example, you would be able to bet from $40 to $120 on each bet. A mistake many beginners make is to increase their bet if one wins, or when losing they make larger bets. One has to remember that the season is long and one must manage the money the best possible way.

The 2nd recommended strategy is to seek teams that have advantages.

Doing that you look for NFL lines and odds where a team may have somewhat of an advantage.  As it works out some weeks you may be making more bets than other weeks, depending on the advantages you can find in the odds.  But whatever you do, don’t force bets because you think it will make a game more enjoyable; instead find the games that are good bets for making profit and stay within your predetermined bankroll system.

Then there is a 3rd strategy for betting on the NFL and that is, you need to shop the lines.

So to be certain you make some cash this season, spend some time and do some line shopping, which is merely checking the lines at some different sportsbooks or betting sites. When doing that, compare the lines and odds on the teams you’re considering to bet on with at least 3 to 4 other betting facilities. This particular strategy can help you become victorious is some game that you would otherwise lose.

The 4th strategy is very important, don’t bet after drinking, and don’t panic and make bets when your tilted or losing.

I know that sounds very obvious, but there are thousands of bettors that don’t follow that recommendation during every NFL weekend. Isn’t it strange that Vegas casino offer their gamblers alcoholic beverages? Drinking has been medically proven that it impairs one’s judgments’, so wait until the game has begun to have your drinks, and then make sure to not beat anymore that day.
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If you Bet at an online betting site, remember not to panic when you lose, as the best NFL bettors and handicappers lose at least 40% of their bet. So be certain you have a clear mind, when you’re making your bets, and if you were losing, don’t try to get even. Don’t panic, and be calm before you start placing your bets, and you will become a winner!