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MLB -NL- Leader for Rookie of the Year

MLB Betting News – NL Leader for Rookie of the Year

matt duffy of the san Francisco GiantsAs the 2015 MLB Season goes forward in the 2nd half of the season, it’s high time to look at whose leading the race for the National League rookie of the 2015 season.

At Present the leader is the not so well known, Matthew Michael Duffy of the San Francisco Giants who started this 2015 season as a back-up infielder, but has become the 3rd base starter after the veteran C. McGehee failed at his chance at the position. Coming into this week in the MLB up to and thru July 28th 2015 Duffy is averaging at the bat .305/.346/.469 and has 16 doubles, 4 triples, 46 RBI’s with 9 HR’s.

Duffy is leading all rookies rated at 3.4, with Pittsburgh J. Hang at 3.0, the Cubs Bryant at 2.6, the Cardinals R. Grichuk 2.6 and the Dodgers Pederson at 2.4. If you think he’s leading as statistical jumbo, think again. At present OPS (on base plus slugging) is at .814 Pederson is .810 and Bryant is .806, and when you add to that his great defensive play at 3rd base, he appears presently to be the most valuable in the majors this 2015. That and for this month he is 3rd at the bat with a team that is full of good hitters.

His manager of the Giants B. Bochy stated that Duffy has a great eye at the bat, and he hits to all fields, and he’s a very difficult out at the bat, and he doesn’t believe having Duffy hit 3rd has given him any additional pressure, and to date he’s been excellent.

Many a sportsbook are closely looking at the roster and now its a wait and see game as we end July and move into August to see if he continues his hitting and defensive edge. In July, he averaged .323 and that was enough to continue hitting the Giants 3rd position in the lineup. He had 5 HR’s in June but only 1 this July to date.  One concern by his manager, is that he loves inside pitches,

and he wonders if the opponents will start working the outside in upcoming games against Duffy.

If you looked at Duffy’s college baseball statistics you would not be impressed, but the Giants scout B. Cameron saw some potential in Duffy and thought he would be a positive addition to the Giants Roster. But he has been amazed to see an 18th round pick from the draft, who hit no home runs in his college career to develop so soon.

His manager said that a big change this year is that Duffy has lowered his hand grip on the bat, and that likely is a reason he is hitting the insiders so well, and plus the fact that he has begun to get more lower body weight into his swing, and that generally creates more hitting power. Duffy said he likes to watch B. Posey because he has a very good batting stance, and generated a lot of powers with his lower body, especially the legs.

Of course not everyone who is into mlb baseball betting agrees as it seems like people are also torn between Bryant or Pederson over Duffy. We will have to wait and see because there still are some 60 games left in the season, and a lot can still happen to each individual player! Let’s look back again in the end of August as see how these prospects are faring.