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MLB Betting Tips – Playoff Contenders Update

MLB Betting Tips – Playoff Contenders Update

MLB Betting Tips – Playoff Contenders Update We are just a few weeks away from the end of the regular season, and only the St. Louis Cardinals have officially secured a playoff spot. A few teams will be joining St. Louis soon, with Kansas City leading the AL Central by 11 games with just 13 left to play, and the top five teams in the National League well ahead of San Francisco.

Over in the American League, it looks like Toronto and Kansas City are safe bets to make the postseason. Those are the top two choices to win the World Series with the Blue Jays a +375 favorite and Kansas City right behind them at +450.

After those two teams, there is still much to be settled. Texas overtook Houston in the AL West and lead the Astros by a single game heading into Tuesday night. These two teams meet up in Houston for a three-game series this weekend, so both teams still have control of their own path. The Rangers are the only other AL team that have better than 10:1 odds to win the World Series, currently at 8:1.

The New York Yankees are fell to 3.5 games behind Toronto after losing 4-2 against the Blue Jays Monday night. They are still secure in the top AL Wild Card spot, three games ahead of Houston and six games ahead of Minnesota.

While the Cardinals are the only team officially “in” right now, they share a +500 payout with the New York Mets to win the World Series (best odds in the NL). The LA Dodgers are right behind them at +580.

For those who love MLB Betting, the Los Angeles has a comfortable 7-game lead over the San Francisco Giants, while the Mets are 6.5 games better than Washington. The Wild Card race is all but settled as both the Cubs and Pirates are well ahead of San Francisco. Those two teams are battling for playoff positioning, however, with Pittsburgh two games ahead of the Cubs and four games behind St. Louis. Both teams share identical 10:1 odds to win the World Series.

For the teams fighting to get in, be careful of big lines as amateur mlb bettors tend to believe that teams that NEED to win WILL win and the price is inflated. For the team that have secured their playoff spots, watch for when these teams line up their playoff pitching rotations and be careful of overnight pitching changes.

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MLB Betting: How to Use MLB Betting Trends

MLB Betting: How to Use MLB Betting Trends

MLB Betting: How to Use MLB Betting Trends Betting Trends are often sought after by those who bet on baseball, and while MLB betting trends can add value to a handicapping routine, many betting trends are misleading and misused.

The first thing to do when reviewing MLB betting trends is to discard the ones that don’t make any sense. These trends, while accurate, are more of a fluke than anything else and can’t be trusted to return the same winning percentage over a longer period of time.

Trends that involve a specific day of the week – like a team going 10-2 on Wednesdays – doesn’t have the same impact as an NFL trend relating to Thursday or Monday night games – as those games involve teams playing with an unusual amount of rest in between games.

For the professional sports handicapper who enjoy online sports betting, another type of trend to stay away from is a trend that has only a few occurrences with a record that goes back several years. With the amount of roster turnover that happens every season, these MLB betting trends are based on games where many of the current players weren’t a part of.

Betting trends that we do like are ones that pertain to certain situations. For example, finding a betting trend that pertains to a team coming off a loss or two straight losses, or against left-handed starting pitchers. These are specific in-game motivational or matchup situations that MLB handicappers would want to find out information about.

MLB betting trends related to pitchers (often in the form of team start records) are much more reliable than team-based betting trends, as it pertains to the most important position on the field. Having specific betting trends related to the starting pitcher against the current opponent is a fantastic place to start your handicapping on the game.

Of course, win/loss records associated to betting trends must be taken with a grain of salt. If a team is 20-20 as an underdog of +150 or higher, and another team is 30-20 as a favorite of -150 or higher, then the underdog trend is resulting in a big profit while the favorite trend is actually losing money.