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MLB ALL-STAR - Home Run Derby Betting Preview

MLB ALL-STAR – Home Run Derby Betting Preview

MLB ALL-STAR - Home Run Derby Betting PreviewWe are just days away from the 2015 All-Star Home Run Derby and the 2015 All-Star Game that brings us the teams that fans primarily selected because of their love for the long ball hitters!

Thus on Monday the 13th of July 2015 you will see the best of all the Home Run Contests, as a few of the most fierce and powerful sluggers in today’s MLB will take the plate at the All American Ball Park for the 2015 Home Run Derby in Cincinnati, Ohio with the All-Star game to follow on Tuesday the 14th of July 2015.

Here is the latest scoop from our sportsbook blog on the recently tweaked rules for the 2015 MLB Home Run Derby.

The bracket for the Derby will be similar to a Madness of March Single Elimination Bracket that puts the eight participants, after the picks were evaluated after the July 7th totals for home runs by the MLB players. The brackets breaks down like this:

Before giving you the low down on the participants, here’s a brief primer on the tweaked Home Run Derby rules: Bracket A has #1 A. Pujols vs. #8 K. Bryant then Bracket B has #4 J. Pederson vs. #5 M. Machado. In Bracket C we have #3 J. Donaldson vs. #6 A. Rizzo and Bracket D has #2 T. Frazier vs. #7 P. Fielder.

Then the Winner of Bracket A will play the winner of Bracket B. That winner moves on to the final Bracket. The winner of Bracket C will play the winner of Bracket D and that will now give us the two players who will compete for the 2015 MLB Home Run Derby Title.

Naturally the players that hit more homers in each bracket will advance until one has won the Title. If there should be a tie there will be a 90 second swing off challenge until a winner has qualified.

This year the HR Derby will have a 5 minute time limit for each batter on each hitting round, and that begins with the 1st pitch that is thrown to each batter. Then after home runs are hit in the last minute the timer stops. It will not start again until the hitter hits a non home run ball, and/or swings without hitting the ball. The HR participants are also given a chance to earn bonus time if in every round they have hit a number of home runs for a particular difference. There is a table to explain that at MLB.com.

Now let’s take a brief look at the eight sluggers!

MLB ALL-STAR - Home Run Derby Bracket Preview

First let’s note that the favorites are A. Pujols, T. Frazier and J. Donaldson. Pujols of the Angels is the No. 1 pick from the American League which he leads with 26 homeruns as of July 7th 2015 and is very familiar with the Cincinnati Stadium.

Next is T. Frazier of the Red who made in to the final round in 2014 but lost to Y. Cespedes. To date he has 25 homers in only 21 games this season, and for the season last year finished with 29 home runs which he certainly will beat this season.

The No. 3 pick is the Blue Jay’s homer king J. Donaldson who also was in the 2014 Derby. This season he has a best for the Toronto team with 21 homers.
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Then comes what they all the sleepers for the No.4 thru No. 6 picks with J. Pederson, M. Machado and A. Rizzo and the 3 are young guys that are out to prove they can smoke the ball also. The No.4 pick is J. Pederson of the Dodgers and leads his team with 20 homeruns to date. He will begin the Derby against M. Machado who is the No. 5 pick who has 16 homers thru the 7th of July and has had 5 HR’s in his last 5 games. The No. 6 pick is A. Rizzo of the Cubs and has 16 HR’s to date and lead’s his team in all batting categories.

For those that do a bit of MLB Betting, here is a little sports handicapping hint, the No. 7 pick is P. Fielder of the Texas Rangers who has been in the Derby some 5 times and won the Title in 2009 and 2012. To date this year he only has 13 home runs and this Stadium for the 2015 Derby is his favorite ball park for HR’s as he has hit 12 out the part hits there. Then the No. 8 and final pick completing this 2015 Derby is K. Bryant who did not homer in his 1st 22 games but since has hit 12 home runs.

So baseball fans get ready for this 2015 slugfest as the media experts thinks P. Fielder of the Rangers will win this 2015 Home Run Derby and that would be for the 3rd time.