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Detroit Tiger Betting - Are the Detroit Tigers in Decline?

Detroit Tiger Betting – Are the Tigers in Decline?

Detroit Tiger Betting If you are a avid baseball fan, and are watching as the Tigers of Detroit get their last whoopee, as the team we thought we knew, now find out their powerhouse that has the best pitcher in baseball they claim in J. Verlander, accompanied by the best slugger in M. Cabrera and their cast of supporters things  when suddenly things change. Yes the casual fans also came to know those players in the ultimate 4 Octobers to be the winners.

We were just talking about the AL Central when it actually was a dynasty of that division, because the Tigers of Detroit won that title for 4 straight years. That stretch began with a season with 95 wins and a spots in the 2011 ALCS, then a trip to the World Series, and loss in ALCS and then swept in last season’s ALDS. Yes a run like that going 3 of 4 years to a League Championship could make a team franchise jealous.

Then coming into 2015 they appeared to be a winning team using their offseason to get ready to contend this season. The kept D. Price on the roster, trading for Y. Cespedes, and made some changes that were to strengthen the team.  They began the season going through the 20th of April, with 11 wins and only 2 losses.

However, after that they have not played very good, and sometimes very bad. Yes, they have had injuries some expected like Verlander and Martinez while Cabrera was surprising. Then their bullpen is again struggling, and Tuesday gave the fans a reminder as they lost to the Mariners 11-9!

Starting back in May the Tiger have manage to record a losing record for each month since then. The reports surfacing that they may be selling players, as the trade deadline nears as they try to make adjustments.

Something that does not help them in decision making,  is the fact that this section of the schedule leading up to the trade date is very weak, and if they get a hot streak then they could turn in to buyers at the trade deadline, and it’s entirely possible that they could still see a 5th consecutive playoff spot.

It remains to be seen as they still maintain a loss record with Cincinnati and Milwaukee, and they gave up 11 runs on this past Tuesday against Seattle. Even if the team makes a turn around, their schedule will not help we believe, because this is not the same team the fans are accustomed to watching. To win the American League Central again would be incredible since they are 10 games back of the Royals of Kansas City.

As it stand we think their best chance is a wild card spot if they can play their way and hope to catch some of the Royals magic number, before they could lose several key players to the free agency which could bring about a re-building of this franchise taking into consideration the all important age regression of their present roster.

Yes if you’re a fan of baseball and Bet on MLB and bet at Offshore betting sites, you surely know these are not the Tigers of old, as in this month’s power rankings they are ranked 16th with a record of 46 wins and 47 losses and are 3rd in the AL Central behind the Twins at 50-43 and the leader, the Royals in 1st at 56 and 36.