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MLB Betting Preview - Rangers vs. Astros!

MLB Betting Preview – Rangers vs. Astros

MLB Betting Preview - Rangers vs. Astros!With the 2015 MLB Home Run Derby and the All-Star game in our past that ended the first half of the season and the All-Star Game that was played on Tuesday the 14th of July 2015, we move on to the 2nd half of the 2015 MLB Season.

The 2nd half of the 2015 MLB Season begins on Friday the 17th of July 2015 and we see the Rangers of Texas 42-46 are playing at the Astros of Houston 49-42 both of the American League West on Friday at 10:05 PM ET with the game being played at the Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas.

This game in Houston is the 1st game of a 3 game series between the Rangers and the Astros and they say the time has come for the Astros to show fans they are a little more than sensations of the 1st half of the 2015 MLB as they try to recover from a 6 losing streak and they play the Rangers who are coming off a 2 game losing streak themselves.

For those that are Rangers of Texas fans and Bet on MLB baseball at an Online sportsbook, you may also be fans of the Astros of Houston Texas, who really knows?  However, for the Rangers fans the month of July has been terrible for the Rangers, as their pitchers struggled and the team as a whole only had 2 wins and 8 losses in their ultimate 10 games to date in July 2015. That also included 5 straight losses in the period from the 3rd of July through the 8th of July 2015, while they were out scored 44 runs to 14 runs for the period.

So if the Rangers pitching rotation cannot step up then you can expect more of the same, as to date the Rangers starters have the worst ERA at 6.71 in the MLB American League.  Their 1 pitcher who has done well, especially this past Sunday was Y. Gallardo even as the lost 2-1 as their offensive power did not show up for that game.  The Rangers may put C. Lewis on the mound on Friday even with his high ERA of 4.77 for the season to date. However, overall his record is 8 wins and 4 losses, and that’s because as a pitcher he is 4th in the MLB having run support for each 9 innings of 6.79.

Bet on Sports at CRsportsBet.agHowever, the starter for the Rangers, whoever that may be, will have the offensive support of E. Andrus and A. Beltre who have been hitting well. Andrus hit 2 doubles in his last 5 outings going 5 for 14 with an average of .358 while Beltre for the same period hit a HR, had 3 doubles and was 7 for 20 averaging .351.  In the ultimate 3 games in Houston the Rangers have went undefeated at 3-0.

For the Astros fans of Houston, the 2015 All-Star break may be what the team needed to overcome their losing their ultimate 6 games of the 1st half.  Amazingly, during those 7 games the Astros only managed to score some 7 total runs or .86 runs each game for the period.

Their starting pitcher for this game is Collin McHugh whom has an ERA of 4.50 and has 9 wins and 5 losses for the season, and he certainly will be seeking more offensive run support in this Friday game from his fellow teammates. However, for July McHugh has struggled and is only 0-2 and that included a lost to Tampa Bay on Friday the 10th of July 2015.  In the Astros last 10 home games they have 8 wins and 2 losses which is not too shabby for the betting fans.

The experts are predicting a close game but they expect the Rangers to beat the Astros 4-3!