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Worst Teams of the NFL so Far

Worst Teams of the NFL so Far

2015 Worst Teams of the NFL so farAfter three weeks of NFL play, we are now seeing which teams are starting with a bang and which teams are struggling to keep up with the pack. Then, we have the team that just can’t seem to get it right.

Let’s take a look at the top three worst team of the NFL so far and why they are at the bottom of the pack.

The Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens take the cake for being the worst of the worst with an 0-3 record. In terms of offense, forget it as they have a non-existent running game with only 218 rushing yards so far and averaging 3.3 yards er carry with only one touchdown on the ground.Their Quarterback, Joe Flacco has had 4 interception and with only 126 attempts and 82 completions, they really need to work on the defense to make up for their lack of offense.

Unfortunately, their defense is just as bad as their offense with Terrell Suggs out with a torn achilles, it doesn’t look like they will be up to par for a while. Needless to say, some nfl sports betting expert expect them to go 0-6 in the next 3 games.

The Chicago Bears

What can we say about the Bears and their 0-3 season so far…  Let’s start with yesterday’s game when Seattle shut them out with a final score of 26-0, something that has not been done since 2002!

In terms of offense, they have Matt Forte and only Matt Forte since Kevin White and Alshon Jeffery are both out due to injuries. In terms of defense, they just do not have the talent to compete against anyone.

The New Orleans Saints

Looks like the Saints are not going to march in the playoff if they do not improve their defense.  With an 0-3 record so far, and no one knowing when quarterback Drew Brees will be back in action after suffering a shoulder injury making him miss the the first meaningful game of his time with the Saints.

As always, he is optimistic and expects to be back in action for Week 4 but until then, the team is stuck with Josh McCown who showed us a decent performance that was undermined by the team’s horrible defense this last Sunday.  Even though McCown did a good job, his receivers could use some help in stretching the field.