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NBA Finals Game 2 Recap

NBA Finals Game 2 Recap – Cav’s beat Warriors!

NBA Finals Game 2 RecapAs the 2015 NBA Finals are well underway as on Sunday night the 7th of June 2015 we had the privilege of watch the 2nd Game of the 7 Game Series between the Cavaliers of Cleveland (53-29) as they beat the Warriors of Golden State (67-15) in and exciting overtime game at 95-93 to tie the Series at 1-1.

Thus, we are going to attempt to bring an exciting recap to you, but first let’s take a look and the scoring for the game:

Quarters –         1st    2nd    H/T    3rd     4th   & OT   Final Score

Cleveland          20    27     47       15      25        8             95

Golden State     20    25     45       14      25        6             93

Yes, the buzzer ended the game, but it wasn’t over yet, as it moved into OT and LeBron made the OT score for the win.  This game after all was said and done belonged to the ‘King’ as he scored a triple double in the game. His Cavaliers nearly lost the game in the 4th quarter as the team seemed to collapse, then overcame the adversity to win if OT 95-93.

The Cavaliers LeBron in his 50 minutes of play in this 2nd Game of the Series, he had 11 assists, 16 rebounds and scored 39 points in the game to give him the triple/double. That took place on the court of the Warriors which is proclaimed to be the toughest stadium/arena in the NBA to win a game, and the Warriors this season had 47 wins with only 3 losses at their Oracle Arena.

To date in this 7 Game Series and the 2 Games played as of Sunday night, both have gone into overtime for the win.  Basically the Warriors and S. Curry struggled in this game, with Curry’s shooting performance at one of its lowest peaks.

In this game he only completed 5 of his 23 shots on FG’s, and made only 2 of his 15 attempts on 3-pointers as he scored a low of 19 points in the game, and gave up 6 turnovers. However as the game was ending Curry managed to make a lay-up to tie the game and send it to OT.  K. Thompson, with Curry’s shooting off tried to pick up the slack as he scored 34 points in the game, but his team suffered on 3-pointer as they made only 8 of 35 in the game, and overall for the game shot 39.8%.

The Cavaliers shooting performance was also off target, as the only made 32.2 percent of the shots, but did manage to have 55 rebounds to the Warriors 45.  The shooting % in this game for a winning team turned out to be the lowest shooting % since back in the 1984-1985 NBA Playoffs.

This turned out to be an important game for Cleveland as the won their 1st NBA Playoff game, and if they lost Game 2 they were looking at a 2-0 deficit, and teams with a 2-0 series lead, have won 28 of the 31 NBA Finals Series.

For those that Bet on the NBA at an online sports Betting site, the upcoming Game 3 will be played in Cleveland and the Warrior to regain the lead, it will be important for the Warriors bench to stay ahead of the Cavaliers depleted bench. On road games during this offseason the Warriors are 4 wins and 3 losses against the spread. Meanwhile the Cavaliers in this postseason have won 6 of the 7 home games, and seek to continue that winning trend.

The odds on the upcoming 3rd Game in Cleveland on Tuesday the 9th of June 2015 at 9:05 PM ET with the Warriors a slim favorite at -1 with the Total at 194 and -120 on the Money Line, with the comeback on the Cavaliers at +1 and Even on the ML.

For your continued interest in this NBA Finals Series we submit the remainder of these NBA Finals 4-7th Game Series Schedule:

The 4th Game will also be played in Cleveland on Thursday the 1th of June with tip-off at 9:05 PM ET and all game will be seen on ABC TV.

Then the 5th game moves back to Oakland on Sunday the 14th of June with tip-off at 9:05 PM ET.

The 6th Game (if needed) moves back to Cleveland on Tuesday the 16th of June 2015 with tip-off at 9:05 PM.

And the Final 7th Game if needed goes back to Oakland as the Cavaliers visit the Warriors and the game tip-off is also at 9:05 PM ET and seen on ABC TV.

Hope all our fans enjoy this exciting NBA Finals Series.