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2015 MLB All Star Game - Selecting the All Stars

2015 MLB All Star Game – Selecting the All Stars

2015 MLB All Star Game - Selecting the All StarsWith the first half of the MLB season closing in on the All-Star break, it’s interesting to take a look at how the voting works for choosing the All-Stars, from the American League and the National League who vie for positions on this 2015 All-Star game.

So how exactly are the managers and players selected for this event? This year’s All-Star game, called the Mid Summer Classic will be played in Cincinnati on Tuesday the 14th of July 2015. So let’s first look at a little history of the All-Star Game.

The All-Star game for Major League Baseball started back in 1933 and at that time the managers of the American and National League teams selected the players for their rosters. But after that many changes have been made and tried to keep up with the ever changing sport and the technology involved.

The fans started voting for the starters in the game back in 1947, and that was done as the fan filled out paper ballots before the All-Star break, and deposited their entries to ballot boxes at all the major league stadiums.
Yes the voting is still completed in these times, but the development of the internet has changed the voting to a more convenient system of casting votes. In these modern times fans are able to cast their ballots from their mobile phones or online computers.

Are you ready to vote and in a hurry, well take it easy as now there are limits to the type and number of player’s one can voter for in this system? You fans can select up to 8 position starting players from the National League teams and 9 for the American League teams. The AL insists on having a designated hitter in its 9th spot of the batting order, so they give fans the right to vote out of the DH pool for the current season. The National league in 2010 decided for the All-Star games would have a designated hitter for the 9th spot. But since their regular season does not use DH’s the Manager selected for the NL All-Star team selects the DH for the game.

Apart from the fans voting on the starting players, the managers of both leagues can select the balance of the All-Star rosters. The Managers for the game are the managers of the previous season’s league champions. This year the American League Manager is none other than the Kansas City Royals Ned Yost, while the National League is will be managed by the San Francisco’s Giants’ manager Bruce Bochy.
Bet on Sports at CRsportsBet.agThe starting pitchers are chosen by the respective league active players, managers and coaches who will vote for 3 relief pitchers and 5 starting pitchers, and the reserve players for the 1st round positions. After all the voting is completed the two respective managers will complete the balance of their roster of some 33 players, and at least 1 All-Star from all 30 teams has to be selected.

So if you want to vote you can get manual ballots at all MLB Stadiums, some 30, but also you can vote online at MLB.com and look for the All-Star Ballot. The polls close for position players on Thursday the 2nd of July at 12:59 PM ET.

Remember for those that Bet on Baseball at a Sportsbook, a few days before the game, fans can vote 1 more time to select 1 last player for the AL & NL teams from a list of five players that have been chosen by the 2 managers and members of the office of the baseball commissioner and the choice are for this last final fan vote for 1 more player.