Most Improved MLB Teams of the 2015 Season

Most Improved MLB Teams of the 2015 SeasonWith the 2015 MLB (Major League Baseball) Season drawing closer to the end of the 1st half of this 2015th MLB season, and the Annual July All-Star Game, it’s time we look at a couple of the most improved teams to date this season.

For the MLB betting experts out there,   that are now beginning to get a handle on what teams can contend, and the teams that had a recent cold streak.

One company has the MLB statistics on the odds for teams making the 2015 postseason, with their tools for projecting a team’s depth statistics. They have some complicated systems which don’t give guarantees, but make for good reference, and at the same time give us an inclination of who will be playing in postseason based on their present team members.

Those postseason odds every day are recalculated in reflecting what’s taking place on the diamond.  When a mediocre team gets hot and wins 18 to 20 games, they certainly improve chances for postseason play, and the wins are calculated in the stats and odds for postseason, thus they don’t depend only on projections.

With the season past the 1/3 mark and moving to half-time break we present some 5 teams chances in postseason odds since the opening day of this 2015 Season and their improvements:

The Team   * PO %-1s Day  * PO % 2nd June  *Improvement.   Houston           14.5%                 61.6%                   +47.1%              KansasCity     15.5%                 54.0%                   +38.5%    Minnesota        4.4%                 27.1%                   +22.7%             Yankees            34.5%              56.4%                   +21.9%       Chicago            35.3%               54.1%                   +18.8%

Thus the Astros of Houston and the Royals of Kansas City are the top 2 teams this season that have improved the most for the 2015 postseason odds.

If you enjoy a sports bet at your local online Sportsbook, you may want to watch these statistics. At the beginning of the 2015 MLB season this system of projection did not post any high expectations for the Houston or Kansas City, but fortunately both teams have performed well to date, thus the system sees them going ahead in the standing. Of course Minnesota has a large improvement, actually 3rd best as they entered the 2015 season with very low odds for the postseason.  At present they and the Royals are the talk of the town.

On the lower side of the postseason odds is Boston, as the Red Sox watched their odds take a big decrease to date this season, and we should not be surprised as they had a struggling offseason that has continued, and they are presently with just 22 wins and 29 losses to date.  Three other teams that had disappointing starts after preseason high odds are the Marlins, Mariners and Padres, and as a result of their slow starts in 2015, their chances of making the postseason has been reduced significantly to date.

Yes, there’s still a lot of baseball to be played but the postseason odds along with this daily recalculation system, it blends well with what is taking place, and what may happen for the remainder of the 2015 season. So stay tuned and keep betting on baseball.

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