Bet on the 2015 Women’s World Cup – Canada vs. Netherlands

2015 women's world cupWith the 2015 Women’s World Cup – Canada is proceeding towards the final stages with the Group A game between Canada and the Netherlands which takes place on Monday the 15th of June 2015 at 7:30 PM ET and the Olympic Stadium in Montreal, Canada.

In earlier matches this past Thursday the Netherlands was beaten by China 1-0, and Canada had a draw with New Zealand later that same day 0-0. On Monday, when Canada and the Netherlands meet for the final game in Group A, with the winner advancing to the next stage in these World Cup Canada Games, while in Group B on Monday Thailand will play Germany.

If you Bet on Soccer at a online sports betting website and are a fan of Canada you know your team failed to win a position in the round of 16 because of their draw with New Zealand. That was as strange outcome since the Manager for Canada, J. Herdman had formerly coached the New Zealand team for some six years, and though he knew their game potential. That plus the fact that the New Zealand team had failed to score a goal in their preceding 4 matches, and had not won a World Cup match in their ultimate 10 games.

In the game against New Zealand, their Canadian offense once again struggled as they can’t seem to score goals, and that is proven by the fact, that in their last 11 international matches they have only managed to score some 12 goals. In this game against the Netherlands, the Canadian Star and Captain Sinclair will have to produce more offensive efforts to produce goals herself, or aid the teammates in scoring. For the National team, Sinclair in some 154 games had previously scored some 224 goals. They need to continue their ball possession as the displayed against New Zealand holding the ball for 59 % of the game, and against China some 62% of the game they had possession. But they need to start converting some of those possessions to goals.

Bet on Sports at CRsportsBet.agIf you’re a Netherlands fans, your team has all at stake in this game, as they are just 1 point behind Canada in the standings, while the Netherlands and China are in 3rd tied at 3 points each.  The Netherlands are presently ranked 12th in the World, and even as they lost to China, they found a goaltender that can defend their goal. S. Veenendaal was starting for injured L. Geurts and did a tremendous job of goaltending. She saw the Chinese team take some 27 shots at goal, making several decisive saves, but gave up a goal in the 91st minute of the game.

Now the Netherlands need to improve on their ball control and increase their scoring abilities. Primarily, because in the last game they allowed China to possess the ball some 60 % of the game and were outshot 38-14 by the opponents. The Netherlands will be seeking goals from their forward V. Miedema who in the last 7 World Cup qualifying games, she has scored 16 goals, and 7 have been in these qualifying matches.

The media experts predict this game will end in a draw with Canada 1 and the Netherlands 1.

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