Belmont Stakes Betting -Triple Crown Preview!

2015 Belmont Stakes PreviewBetting on the 2015 Belmont Stakes

The 2015 Racing Festival for the Belmont Stake includes the 147th Grade 1 Belmont Stakes with a purse of $1.5 million and is from Thursday the 4th thru Saturday the 6th of June 2015 with the final race on Saturday.

This is the 3rd leg of the legendary Triple Crown race which the last time was won was back in 1978 by Affirmed. This Belmont Stakes will be on NBC TV.

Yes the 37 year wait may be over, since American Pharaoh won the Kentucky Derby and then the Preakness Stake and is just 1 win form taking the Triple Crown.  For those interested, in getting some extra horse betting advice, check out this quick Belmont Stakes horse racing tutorial to help you out.

Even as American Pharaoh is the -110 favored to win this Belmont Stakes, the many years of history tell us that American Pharaoh actually has the odds going against the Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes winner to end the long dry spell for Triple Crown Winners.  As we anticipate this race that could become an historical race, we review 5 facts that could help or hurt American Pharaoh in this Triple Crown quest at Belmont Stakes.

1st is the Length of the Track, which at Belmont is 1 1/2 mile while American Pharaoh showed he could win the Kentucky Derby which is on a 1 ¼ mile track, and won the Preakness at Pamlico which is a shorter track, and won by 7 lengths in that race.  However, none of the opponents have raced on a 1 1/2 mile track.  The Length could prove to be a disadvantage because of our next 2 factors.

Yes, the next factor we preview is fatigue as they don’t seem to produce horses as in the past.  In the old days horse racing was much more demanding, where today thoroughbreds race just once a month or at least somewhat on a limited basis.  In this Triple Crown Quest the horse need to race some 3 time in just 5 weeks, and as with American Pharaoh that is stressful for horses who are not accustomed to racing with such short spells of rest and recuperation. Thus, many think it will be difficult for a tired American Pharaoh to race on this long track, and become the victor.

Then there’s the fresher competition as the rivals will surely be fresher, as American Pharaoh will be facing other horses, that have missed one or both of the 2 legs to the Triple Crown in the Kentucky Derby and or the Preakness!  The top rivals for this race are Frosted and Materiality whom both ran in the Kentucky Derby but were not entered in the Preakness. Two other competitors that did not run in either of the first two legs, who will be ready to run are Madefromlucky and Tonalist and either could end the dream for American Pharaoh in this Belmont Stakes.

Then we have the ‘It’ Factor and many trainers and experts think American Pharaoh may just have ‘It”, as he has already proved he can perform in, not the best of condition, and closed strong at the Derby and at the Preakness, even starting from the hated No. 1 spot managed to beat the competition by some 7 lengths.

Finally a Triple Crown winner, after a drought of some 37 years and is long Overdue. Yes, it turns out 37 years is a long time to wait, and there have been some 13 horsed on the verge in those 37 years, as Affirmed was the last to do it, while all other failed, primarily they could not handle the distance, but that does not mean no horse can do it.

So,  if you Bet on Horses at a Sportsbook, be sure and review the morning odds the day of the race and pick you winner, as if you know who will win this Belmont Stakes, which could possibly also be a Triple Crown Winner ending the long drought of some 37 years.

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