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MLB Betting Tips – Playoff Contenders Update

MLB Betting Tips – Playoff Contenders Update

MLB Betting Tips – Playoff Contenders Update We are just a few weeks away from the end of the regular season, and only the St. Louis Cardinals have officially secured a playoff spot. A few teams will be joining St. Louis soon, with Kansas City leading the AL Central by 11 games with just 13 left to play, and the top five teams in the National League well ahead of San Francisco.

Over in the American League, it looks like Toronto and Kansas City are safe bets to make the postseason. Those are the top two choices to win the World Series with the Blue Jays a +375 favorite and Kansas City right behind them at +450.

After those two teams, there is still much to be settled. Texas overtook Houston in the AL West and lead the Astros by a single game heading into Tuesday night. These two teams meet up in Houston for a three-game series this weekend, so both teams still have control of their own path. The Rangers are the only other AL team that have better than 10:1 odds to win the World Series, currently at 8:1.

The New York Yankees are fell to 3.5 games behind Toronto after losing 4-2 against the Blue Jays Monday night. They are still secure in the top AL Wild Card spot, three games ahead of Houston and six games ahead of Minnesota.

While the Cardinals are the only team officially “in” right now, they share a +500 payout with the New York Mets to win the World Series (best odds in the NL). The LA Dodgers are right behind them at +580.

For those who love MLB Betting, the Los Angeles has a comfortable 7-game lead over the San Francisco Giants, while the Mets are 6.5 games better than Washington. The Wild Card race is all but settled as both the Cubs and Pirates are well ahead of San Francisco. Those two teams are battling for playoff positioning, however, with Pittsburgh two games ahead of the Cubs and four games behind St. Louis. Both teams share identical 10:1 odds to win the World Series.

For the teams fighting to get in, be careful of big lines as amateur mlb bettors tend to believe that teams that NEED to win WILL win and the price is inflated. For the team that have secured their playoff spots, watch for when these teams line up their playoff pitching rotations and be careful of overnight pitching changes.

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MLB Betting: AL Playoff Update

MLB Betting: AL Playoff Update

MLB Betting: AL Playoff Update Last week we took a look at the top five contenders in the NL ((Fred – link to NL Playoff Update article sent over last weekend)), specifically noting how all five teams were on winning streaks and were performing particularly well against the runline. This week we take a look at the top contenders in the American League and see how that stack up.

Kansas City and Houston have some breathing room in their division races, but the AL East continues to be a battle between the Blue Jays and Yankees. Toronto recently overtook New York in the standings, and lead the Bronx Bombers by a game and a half entering Wednesday’s action. Texas is currently slotted in the final AL Wild Card spot (behind New York), with Minnesota just a game behind the Rangers.

Although the Royals have split their last six games, they are still on a long term 17-7 winning run over the past four weeks to build a comfortable 5.5-game lead over the Blue Jays for home field advantage throughout the MLB Playoffs. However 7 of those 17 wins have only come by one run, so runline players would actually show a losing 10-14 record backing the best team in the AL over that stretch.

Speaking of the Blue Jays, they enter Wednesday winners of 9 of their last 12 games overall, and unlike the Royals they have done well against the runline as 7 of those 9 victories have come by at least two runs. Toronto is the only one of the three AL division leaders to be on par with the NL teams we spoke about last week.

Houston isn’t just doing poorly against the runline, they are having a tough time to win period. Astros had a big momentum boost after acquiring Scott Kazmir at the trade deadline, but have since cooled off in losing ten of their last 18 games overall.

With that instability, Texas has climbed back in the race for the AL West crown. The Rangers have won 14 of their last 19 games overall – five victories coming as underdogs – and are currently in line for a postseason appearance. And with 11 of those 14 wins coming by at least two runs, this may be a team to back on the runline until that hot streak comes to an end.

The Yankees currently hold the top AL Wild Card spot, and while they were struggling for a few weeks their offense has returned. The Yankees scored 15 runs on Friday night as well as a 20-run explosion on Sunday, and they are heating up again with four wins (all by 2+ runs) in their last five games.

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Finally, Minnesota doesn’t get much love from the national media but they have quietly put together a 9-2 winning run to creep within a game of Texas for the last Wild Card spot. Two series against the Royals and Astros (both on the road) will determine if they can sustain that momentum.

Overall, the AL contenders are not on par with the NL contenders in terms of consistent ROI on the runline. Those who bet on baseball may want to pick their spots as opposed to blindly backing a team every night.

MLB Betting: NL Playoff Update

MLB Betting: NL Playoff Update

MLB Betting: NL Playoff Update With one more month to go, the National League playoff picture is starting to take shape. Entering Sunday’s action, the division leaders are all at least 3.5 games ahead of their closest competitor, and even the two Wild Card teams (Pirates and Cubs) have a comfortable lead against the Giants (currently 4.5 games behind the Cubs for the final Wild Card spot).

Not only are those top five teams in the NL winning, but they are winning big. Runline players have been cleaning up over the last few weeks backing these teams while getting a favorable payout laying a run and a half.

The Cardinals have won six of their last seven games, with all six victories coming by at least two runs. Pittsburgh has won 10 of their last 12 games overall, with seven of those ten victories coming by at least two runs.

Chicago has cooled off a bit, losing four straight heading into Sunday, however we can give them a pass due to their 21-4 winning streak just prior to that four-game skid. And again, we find runline players cleaning up at the most online sportsbook as the Cubs won by at least two runs in 16 of those 21 victories.

The LA Dodgers are our pick to come out of the National League, and they are heating up with five straight wins entering Sunday. That includes a pair of wins over the streaking Cubs this weekend, and of those five wins four of them have come by at least two runs.

The New York Mets are the final team in the top five, and they too have performed well for MLB runline bettors. The Mets have won seven of their last nine games overall with six of those seven victories coming by at least two runs.

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Remember, even if our team loses the game outright, we are still laying a smaller price than we would betting them on the MLB moneyline. This trend of the NL contenders not only winning at a high percentage, but winning by margins of 2+ runs is a trend that should continue until these teams lock up their playoff spot and begin to rest their starters.

We’ll be back next week with a look at the American League Playoff contenders and see how they are performing from an MLB betting runline standpoint.

MLB -NL- Leader for Rookie of the Year

MLB Betting News – NL Leader for Rookie of the Year

matt duffy of the san Francisco GiantsAs the 2015 MLB Season goes forward in the 2nd half of the season, it’s high time to look at whose leading the race for the National League rookie of the 2015 season.

At Present the leader is the not so well known, Matthew Michael Duffy of the San Francisco Giants who started this 2015 season as a back-up infielder, but has become the 3rd base starter after the veteran C. McGehee failed at his chance at the position. Coming into this week in the MLB up to and thru July 28th 2015 Duffy is averaging at the bat .305/.346/.469 and has 16 doubles, 4 triples, 46 RBI’s with 9 HR’s.

Duffy is leading all rookies rated at 3.4, with Pittsburgh J. Hang at 3.0, the Cubs Bryant at 2.6, the Cardinals R. Grichuk 2.6 and the Dodgers Pederson at 2.4. If you think he’s leading as statistical jumbo, think again. At present OPS (on base plus slugging) is at .814 Pederson is .810 and Bryant is .806, and when you add to that his great defensive play at 3rd base, he appears presently to be the most valuable in the majors this 2015. That and for this month he is 3rd at the bat with a team that is full of good hitters.

His manager of the Giants B. Bochy stated that Duffy has a great eye at the bat, and he hits to all fields, and he’s a very difficult out at the bat, and he doesn’t believe having Duffy hit 3rd has given him any additional pressure, and to date he’s been excellent.

Many a sportsbook are closely looking at the roster and now its a wait and see game as we end July and move into August to see if he continues his hitting and defensive edge. In July, he averaged .323 and that was enough to continue hitting the Giants 3rd position in the lineup. He had 5 HR’s in June but only 1 this July to date.  One concern by his manager, is that he loves inside pitches,

and he wonders if the opponents will start working the outside in upcoming games against Duffy.

If you looked at Duffy’s college baseball statistics you would not be impressed, but the Giants scout B. Cameron saw some potential in Duffy and thought he would be a positive addition to the Giants Roster. But he has been amazed to see an 18th round pick from the draft, who hit no home runs in his college career to develop so soon.

His manager said that a big change this year is that Duffy has lowered his hand grip on the bat, and that likely is a reason he is hitting the insiders so well, and plus the fact that he has begun to get more lower body weight into his swing, and that generally creates more hitting power. Duffy said he likes to watch B. Posey because he has a very good batting stance, and generated a lot of powers with his lower body, especially the legs.

Of course not everyone who is into mlb baseball betting agrees as it seems like people are also torn between Bryant or Pederson over Duffy. We will have to wait and see because there still are some 60 games left in the season, and a lot can still happen to each individual player! Let’s look back again in the end of August as see how these prospects are faring.

Detroit Tiger Betting - Are the Detroit Tigers in Decline?

Detroit Tiger Betting – Are the Tigers in Decline?

Detroit Tiger Betting If you are a avid baseball fan, and are watching as the Tigers of Detroit get their last whoopee, as the team we thought we knew, now find out their powerhouse that has the best pitcher in baseball they claim in J. Verlander, accompanied by the best slugger in M. Cabrera and their cast of supporters things  when suddenly things change. Yes the casual fans also came to know those players in the ultimate 4 Octobers to be the winners.

We were just talking about the AL Central when it actually was a dynasty of that division, because the Tigers of Detroit won that title for 4 straight years. That stretch began with a season with 95 wins and a spots in the 2011 ALCS, then a trip to the World Series, and loss in ALCS and then swept in last season’s ALDS. Yes a run like that going 3 of 4 years to a League Championship could make a team franchise jealous.

Then coming into 2015 they appeared to be a winning team using their offseason to get ready to contend this season. The kept D. Price on the roster, trading for Y. Cespedes, and made some changes that were to strengthen the team.  They began the season going through the 20th of April, with 11 wins and only 2 losses.

However, after that they have not played very good, and sometimes very bad. Yes, they have had injuries some expected like Verlander and Martinez while Cabrera was surprising. Then their bullpen is again struggling, and Tuesday gave the fans a reminder as they lost to the Mariners 11-9!

Starting back in May the Tiger have manage to record a losing record for each month since then. The reports surfacing that they may be selling players, as the trade deadline nears as they try to make adjustments.

Something that does not help them in decision making,  is the fact that this section of the schedule leading up to the trade date is very weak, and if they get a hot streak then they could turn in to buyers at the trade deadline, and it’s entirely possible that they could still see a 5th consecutive playoff spot.

It remains to be seen as they still maintain a loss record with Cincinnati and Milwaukee, and they gave up 11 runs on this past Tuesday against Seattle. Even if the team makes a turn around, their schedule will not help we believe, because this is not the same team the fans are accustomed to watching. To win the American League Central again would be incredible since they are 10 games back of the Royals of Kansas City.

As it stand we think their best chance is a wild card spot if they can play their way and hope to catch some of the Royals magic number, before they could lose several key players to the free agency which could bring about a re-building of this franchise taking into consideration the all important age regression of their present roster.

Yes if you’re a fan of baseball and Bet on MLB and bet at Offshore betting sites, you surely know these are not the Tigers of old, as in this month’s power rankings they are ranked 16th with a record of 46 wins and 47 losses and are 3rd in the AL Central behind the Twins at 50-43 and the leader, the Royals in 1st at 56 and 36.

MLB Betting Preview - Rangers vs. Astros!

MLB Betting Preview – Rangers vs. Astros

MLB Betting Preview - Rangers vs. Astros!With the 2015 MLB Home Run Derby and the All-Star game in our past that ended the first half of the season and the All-Star Game that was played on Tuesday the 14th of July 2015, we move on to the 2nd half of the 2015 MLB Season.

The 2nd half of the 2015 MLB Season begins on Friday the 17th of July 2015 and we see the Rangers of Texas 42-46 are playing at the Astros of Houston 49-42 both of the American League West on Friday at 10:05 PM ET with the game being played at the Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas.

This game in Houston is the 1st game of a 3 game series between the Rangers and the Astros and they say the time has come for the Astros to show fans they are a little more than sensations of the 1st half of the 2015 MLB as they try to recover from a 6 losing streak and they play the Rangers who are coming off a 2 game losing streak themselves.

For those that are Rangers of Texas fans and Bet on MLB baseball at an Online sportsbook, you may also be fans of the Astros of Houston Texas, who really knows?  However, for the Rangers fans the month of July has been terrible for the Rangers, as their pitchers struggled and the team as a whole only had 2 wins and 8 losses in their ultimate 10 games to date in July 2015. That also included 5 straight losses in the period from the 3rd of July through the 8th of July 2015, while they were out scored 44 runs to 14 runs for the period.

So if the Rangers pitching rotation cannot step up then you can expect more of the same, as to date the Rangers starters have the worst ERA at 6.71 in the MLB American League.  Their 1 pitcher who has done well, especially this past Sunday was Y. Gallardo even as the lost 2-1 as their offensive power did not show up for that game.  The Rangers may put C. Lewis on the mound on Friday even with his high ERA of 4.77 for the season to date. However, overall his record is 8 wins and 4 losses, and that’s because as a pitcher he is 4th in the MLB having run support for each 9 innings of 6.79.

Bet on Sports at CRsportsBet.agHowever, the starter for the Rangers, whoever that may be, will have the offensive support of E. Andrus and A. Beltre who have been hitting well. Andrus hit 2 doubles in his last 5 outings going 5 for 14 with an average of .358 while Beltre for the same period hit a HR, had 3 doubles and was 7 for 20 averaging .351.  In the ultimate 3 games in Houston the Rangers have went undefeated at 3-0.

For the Astros fans of Houston, the 2015 All-Star break may be what the team needed to overcome their losing their ultimate 6 games of the 1st half.  Amazingly, during those 7 games the Astros only managed to score some 7 total runs or .86 runs each game for the period.

Their starting pitcher for this game is Collin McHugh whom has an ERA of 4.50 and has 9 wins and 5 losses for the season, and he certainly will be seeking more offensive run support in this Friday game from his fellow teammates. However, for July McHugh has struggled and is only 0-2 and that included a lost to Tampa Bay on Friday the 10th of July 2015.  In the Astros last 10 home games they have 8 wins and 2 losses which is not too shabby for the betting fans.

The experts are predicting a close game but they expect the Rangers to beat the Astros 4-3!

MLB ALL-STAR - Home Run Derby Betting Preview

MLB ALL-STAR – Home Run Derby Betting Preview

MLB ALL-STAR - Home Run Derby Betting PreviewWe are just days away from the 2015 All-Star Home Run Derby and the 2015 All-Star Game that brings us the teams that fans primarily selected because of their love for the long ball hitters!

Thus on Monday the 13th of July 2015 you will see the best of all the Home Run Contests, as a few of the most fierce and powerful sluggers in today’s MLB will take the plate at the All American Ball Park for the 2015 Home Run Derby in Cincinnati, Ohio with the All-Star game to follow on Tuesday the 14th of July 2015.

Here is the latest scoop from our sportsbook blog on the recently tweaked rules for the 2015 MLB Home Run Derby.

The bracket for the Derby will be similar to a Madness of March Single Elimination Bracket that puts the eight participants, after the picks were evaluated after the July 7th totals for home runs by the MLB players. The brackets breaks down like this:

Before giving you the low down on the participants, here’s a brief primer on the tweaked Home Run Derby rules: Bracket A has #1 A. Pujols vs. #8 K. Bryant then Bracket B has #4 J. Pederson vs. #5 M. Machado. In Bracket C we have #3 J. Donaldson vs. #6 A. Rizzo and Bracket D has #2 T. Frazier vs. #7 P. Fielder.

Then the Winner of Bracket A will play the winner of Bracket B. That winner moves on to the final Bracket. The winner of Bracket C will play the winner of Bracket D and that will now give us the two players who will compete for the 2015 MLB Home Run Derby Title.

Naturally the players that hit more homers in each bracket will advance until one has won the Title. If there should be a tie there will be a 90 second swing off challenge until a winner has qualified.

This year the HR Derby will have a 5 minute time limit for each batter on each hitting round, and that begins with the 1st pitch that is thrown to each batter. Then after home runs are hit in the last minute the timer stops. It will not start again until the hitter hits a non home run ball, and/or swings without hitting the ball. The HR participants are also given a chance to earn bonus time if in every round they have hit a number of home runs for a particular difference. There is a table to explain that at

Now let’s take a brief look at the eight sluggers!

MLB ALL-STAR - Home Run Derby Bracket Preview

First let’s note that the favorites are A. Pujols, T. Frazier and J. Donaldson. Pujols of the Angels is the No. 1 pick from the American League which he leads with 26 homeruns as of July 7th 2015 and is very familiar with the Cincinnati Stadium.

Next is T. Frazier of the Red who made in to the final round in 2014 but lost to Y. Cespedes. To date he has 25 homers in only 21 games this season, and for the season last year finished with 29 home runs which he certainly will beat this season.

The No. 3 pick is the Blue Jay’s homer king J. Donaldson who also was in the 2014 Derby. This season he has a best for the Toronto team with 21 homers.
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Then comes what they all the sleepers for the No.4 thru No. 6 picks with J. Pederson, M. Machado and A. Rizzo and the 3 are young guys that are out to prove they can smoke the ball also. The No.4 pick is J. Pederson of the Dodgers and leads his team with 20 homeruns to date. He will begin the Derby against M. Machado who is the No. 5 pick who has 16 homers thru the 7th of July and has had 5 HR’s in his last 5 games. The No. 6 pick is A. Rizzo of the Cubs and has 16 HR’s to date and lead’s his team in all batting categories.

For those that do a bit of MLB Betting, here is a little sports handicapping hint, the No. 7 pick is P. Fielder of the Texas Rangers who has been in the Derby some 5 times and won the Title in 2009 and 2012. To date this year he only has 13 home runs and this Stadium for the 2015 Derby is his favorite ball park for HR’s as he has hit 12 out the part hits there. Then the No. 8 and final pick completing this 2015 Derby is K. Bryant who did not homer in his 1st 22 games but since has hit 12 home runs.

So baseball fans get ready for this 2015 slugfest as the media experts thinks P. Fielder of the Rangers will win this 2015 Home Run Derby and that would be for the 3rd time.

Are These Yankees Players Worth $440 Millions?

Are These Yankees Players Worth $440 Millions?

Are These Yankees Players Worth $440 Millions?Back in the last part of the 2013 MLB season and in between the 2014 spring training camps, the Yankees of New York vowed some $440 million dollars to 4 of their players with the goal of getting a return on that investment. To date, they have not made a playoff game and have recouped very little on that sizeable investment.

That is not necessarily a sign of poor negotiations, but the true value has not been revealed to date. The 4 players that were signed in these high value deal were: Carlos Beltran, Brian McCann, Masahiro Tanaka and Jacoby Ellsbury.

In those days the Yankees passed on renewing the contract of R. Cano and the deal he demanded of 10 years, and that’s when the 4 players in McCann, Beltran, Tanaka and Ellsbury became New York Yankees.

According to most sportsbook review websites ,the Yankees after signing the mention 4 players for some $440 million to long term deals, and again did not make the playoffs in the 2014 season. This 20015 season at the All-Star break finds the Yankees in a dogfight for the top spot in the AL East with 4 other teams, in a very competitive division.

Of the 4 players that signed before the start of 2014, only one, McCann, is proving his worth; while the other 3 have been affected by injury problems or saddled with not performing to par. The problem here, is that normally in long term deals the player are expected to have their top performances in the early years of the contract. That’s because in a long extended contract, the team will normally experience fewer returns on their investment in most cases.

Ellsbury is on the 2nd year of his $153 million 7 year contract and is on the Yankees disabled list at present, and has not played in a game since back on the 19th on May 2015. He also had injury problems in 2014 but played mediocre, and this season to date actually played 37 games and missed 40 games to date.

For Beltran his 2014 season was not spectacular, as he only average .233 at the bat having 50 RBIs and some 15 homeruns for the season and due to an elbow injury did not play in 53 games and in the offseason had surgery on his elbow. This 2015 he seemed healthier and hitting .262 with 31 RBIs and 7 HRs in his 66 games to date, but remember he’s 38 and has 1 additional year on his $47 million dollar contract.

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But their 4th player and pitcher Tanaka is the player that is the most frustrating case for the Yankees, as he was signed with the reputation of being a incredible starting pitcher who was given a 7 year contract for some $155 million, and that does not count his signing fee of $20 million.

For those that Bet on MLB at an online Sportsbook, you may remember Tanaka was the certified Japanese Ace with an ERA of 2.30 and a record of 99-35 playing for the Golden Eagles of Rakuten for some seven seasons. In his first season, at least the 1st half of that season it appeared he would duplicate his past in the USA. Then the unthinkable happened when he encountered a torn ligament in his pitching elbow, that took place on the 8th of July against the Indians, and since he has not performed to his potential.

Overall the Yankees management and Manager Cashman said their deal was made, and there’s no going back, and now we can only look for the future to bring us success, and hope it will not be a bust of monumental proportions.

2015 MLB All Star Game - Selecting the All Stars

2015 MLB All Star Game – Selecting the All Stars

2015 MLB All Star Game - Selecting the All StarsWith the first half of the MLB season closing in on the All-Star break, it’s interesting to take a look at how the voting works for choosing the All-Stars, from the American League and the National League who vie for positions on this 2015 All-Star game.

So how exactly are the managers and players selected for this event? This year’s All-Star game, called the Mid Summer Classic will be played in Cincinnati on Tuesday the 14th of July 2015. So let’s first look at a little history of the All-Star Game.

The All-Star game for Major League Baseball started back in 1933 and at that time the managers of the American and National League teams selected the players for their rosters. But after that many changes have been made and tried to keep up with the ever changing sport and the technology involved.

The fans started voting for the starters in the game back in 1947, and that was done as the fan filled out paper ballots before the All-Star break, and deposited their entries to ballot boxes at all the major league stadiums.
Yes the voting is still completed in these times, but the development of the internet has changed the voting to a more convenient system of casting votes. In these modern times fans are able to cast their ballots from their mobile phones or online computers.

Are you ready to vote and in a hurry, well take it easy as now there are limits to the type and number of player’s one can voter for in this system? You fans can select up to 8 position starting players from the National League teams and 9 for the American League teams. The AL insists on having a designated hitter in its 9th spot of the batting order, so they give fans the right to vote out of the DH pool for the current season. The National league in 2010 decided for the All-Star games would have a designated hitter for the 9th spot. But since their regular season does not use DH’s the Manager selected for the NL All-Star team selects the DH for the game.

Apart from the fans voting on the starting players, the managers of both leagues can select the balance of the All-Star rosters. The Managers for the game are the managers of the previous season’s league champions. This year the American League Manager is none other than the Kansas City Royals Ned Yost, while the National League is will be managed by the San Francisco’s Giants’ manager Bruce Bochy.
Bet on Sports at CRsportsBet.agThe starting pitchers are chosen by the respective league active players, managers and coaches who will vote for 3 relief pitchers and 5 starting pitchers, and the reserve players for the 1st round positions. After all the voting is completed the two respective managers will complete the balance of their roster of some 33 players, and at least 1 All-Star from all 30 teams has to be selected.

So if you want to vote you can get manual ballots at all MLB Stadiums, some 30, but also you can vote online at and look for the All-Star Ballot. The polls close for position players on Thursday the 2nd of July at 12:59 PM ET.

Remember for those that Bet on Baseball at a Sportsbook, a few days before the game, fans can vote 1 more time to select 1 last player for the AL & NL teams from a list of five players that have been chosen by the 2 managers and members of the office of the baseball commissioner and the choice are for this last final fan vote for 1 more player.


MLB Betting Recap – Phillies Rout Orioles 19-3!

phillies rout orioles 19-3With the 2015 MLB Season moving closer to the All-Star break in July, the games and players seem to be performing some incredible game changes. This past Tuesday the 16th of July 2015 we saw the Phillies of Philadelphia (22-44) get beat by the Orioles of Baltimore (33-31) with the final score Orioles 19 and the Phillies 3.

The winning pitcher was Tillman who is 5-7 and the losing pitcher was Williams who is now 3-7. This win was the Orioles 8th win in their last 9 games.

This loss for Philadelphia matched a loss record that had stood for some 132 years for the franchise.  There were 8 home runs hit in the game, with the Oriole compiling 17 hits and 1 error, while the Phillies had 6 hits and made 2 errors in the game.
Two Phillies players in M. Machado and C. Parmelee both hit 2 HR’s totaling 4 HR’s of the Orioles 8 HR’s in the game.  A baseball team that has 8 homers in 8 innings like the Orioles did in this 19-3 rout of the Phillies, it then appears that most of the starting roster had a good day in that outing.

The Phillies remark that seemed to represent the team was that it was the worst road trip, they had taken as of late. That prime comment came from their pitcher who finished the last two innings for Philadelphia. The Oriole have had 7 home runs in 3 different games previously, with the last time being back in September of 2012 playing at Toronto, but this is the first time for 5 HR’s in a game.

The game did not start well for the Phillies as the Orioles Machado hit his 2nd pitch from starting pitcher Williams into the seats in the left field of the stadium, and that started a 6 run 1st inning for the Orioles, and that headed the Phillies to losing their 12th straight road game.
Bet on Sports at CRsportsBet.agParamelee, a newcomer to the Orioles roster on that same day had 4 hits that included 2 homers, as he also had 2 RBI’s and scored three runs in the game.  The Orioles pitcher Tillman in his 6 innings allowed some 4 hits and 3 runs in his 3rd start this season that lasted through some 6 innings.

Meanwhile, the starting pitcher Williams for the Phillies left the game very early with an injury, after a struggling 1st inning where he only got 2 outs. D. McGowan came in and gave up 5 homeruns in the 3 1/3 innings that he pitched. Their next pitcher Fratus was ejected by the home plate umpire in the 6th, thus the Phillies pitching staff overall had a horrendous outing.

For those that Bet on MLB at an Online sportsbook or at other betting sites, you should know that the Phillies in this 2015 season have the worst overall record at 22 wins and 44 losses in the MLB, and on their road games they have 7 wins and 28 losses, signifying that their home record is 15 wins and 16 losses for the 2015 season to date.