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2015 Tour de France Betting

2015 Tour de France Betting Preview

2015 Tour de France betting previewThe 2015 Tour de France is right around the corner and many biking fans around the World awaiting this events while the participants are dreaming of having their day in the yellow jersey at the Tour de France.

That because the 2nd most important Jersey is the green one, that is given to the more consistent rider over the three week tour period.

Another major goal for the riders is the stage wins and many participants put more value to them, than the green jersey.

This 2015 tour will bring some new and interesting competition for the green jersey this year, as the 2014 Winner P. Sagan this year is changing teams, and he could be surprised by racing beside A. Contador who is seeking the Giro Tour Double this 2015.

A surprise announcement this past week was the M. Kittel has withdrawn from this 2015 Tour de France resulting from injuries and lack of preparation for the event.

So we take a look at who might be challengers for the green and sprint race wins.

From the team Etixx-Quickstep is M. Cavendish the Manx missile as he’s called for a long period has been one of the better sprint racers on the planet, with the statistics to prove same, having some 25 different stage victories at the Tour de France over the years. With Kittel being out Cavendish should win at least 1 stage.

Tinkoff-Saxo teams P. Sagan has wore the green at this Tour for the ultimate 3 racing seasons. Over his career he has won four times, but in 2015 had a zero total. With Contador on his team not much help is anticipated.
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Lotto-Soudal team with Andre Greipel who appears to be in excellent form this season, and 2 date in2015, won 2 stages at the ZLM tour as well as receiving point’s classification and general classification. In the last 4 seasons he has won 6 stages at the Tour.

The Giant-Alpecin team has J. Degenkolb aboard who to date has not won a stage at the Tour, and that may be his teammate Kittel who is faster, but now with Kittle out, he now take over the Giant-Alpecin team. Earlier this season he won the Milan San Remo and the Paris Roubaix.

The BMC Racing is with G. Van Avermaet and animator of the 2014 Tour and seeks to improve his titles in this 2015 Tour de France. Watch as when the track has obstacles, that’s where Avermaet shines, and on the flat tracks he should be in the top ten and consistently on the top five.

Then the FDJ team has A. Demare on seat, and last year he scored well for his FDJ team with some 3 top efforts on the flat tracks. He is a young and is improving over the season as he won some stages at the Tour of Belgium 2015, and he seeks top 5 finishes and even a win, but that may be over his head.

The Katusha team is with A. Kristoff who has been hot for the classic season 2015 as he has won several races with his sprinting and attack tactics. He managed to finish 2nd on the 2014 Champs Elysees Tour. It appears he’s a favorite for the green in Paris this 2015.

The Orica-GreenEdge is with M. Matthews and his team is after stage wins as often as they can when the can suit up Matthews. Has struggled somewhat this season, but still should be a key rider in the flat stages and make green jersey points.

Team Euopcar has rider B. Coquard who came on strong in the 2014 Tour de France as he amassed as many green points as he could, and finished 3rd in classification points. Coquard this year he will seek a stage win.

If you Bet on Sports and an Offshore sportsbook, you should know that this 2015 Tour de France begins on the 4th of July 2015 and has 21 stages with the final concluding the Tour on the 26th of July 2015.

2015 Wimbledon Betting Preview

2015 Wimbledon Betting Preview

2015 Wimbledon Betting PreviewBefore the 2015 Wimbledon draw the seeds were revealed and the famous R. Nadal falls to the 10th Seed. While the defending Champion of the 2014 Wimbledon N. Djokovic is again the 1st seed for this tournament in England and that’s his 4th straight year at being the No. 1 Seed while Nadal holds on to the 10th Seed. The 7 time winner R. Federer is 2nd behind the Serbian Djokovic, and the champion for 2013 and the English favorite A. Murray is listed as the No. 3 Seed.

For the Women, the WTA side you have Serena Williams the 5 time winner in front the ladies at the No. 1 Seed, while last year’s champion P. Kvitova is the No. 2 seed, and S. Halep and M. Sharapova are 3rd and 4th respectively.
The seeding in this tournament give Nadal a route to winning that could be nothing more than a nightmare. According to most internet sportsbooks, having a difficult year is not enough for Nadal, as he managed win at Stuttgart on the grass, and then was beaten by 75th ranked A. Dologopolov in the Queen’s Club 1st Round, and even though he had won the French Open nine times he was eliminated in the finals by Djokovic.

Now in this Wimbledon tournament Nadal is likely to face a top seed opponent, possibly before the quarter finals and that presents a nightmare for a player who has tried to make advances after overcoming earlier injury problems. In last year’s Wimbledon and the round of 16 Nadal lost to N. Kyrgios, and that brings Nadal memories and reminds him, that he will need to improve if he desires to play in the last stage of the 2015 Wimbledon Tournament.

The excitement for the tennis betting fan in this tournament is the appearance of local English player Andy Murray who will excited the fans, to see them whooping and cheering after each of his shots in this 2015 Wimbledon. Many of Murray’s opponents have Wimbledon have become frustrated by the fan excitement portrayed while Murray is on the court.

So who do you thing will win the 2015 Wimbledon of the following favorites: Djokovic, Federer, Murray, Wawrinka or Nadal?

In this tournament Djokovic will be seeking to retain his title after he lost the French Open as he was upset by S. Wawrinka. He went by Nadal fairly easy at the French Open-Roland Garros and also be Nadal early this season at the Monte Carlo Open.

If you need a refresher course on tennis betting, check out this great tennis betting tutorial where you can learn how to bet on tennis, strategies and more.

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2015 MLB All Star Game - Selecting the All Stars

2015 MLB All Star Game – Selecting the All Stars

2015 MLB All Star Game - Selecting the All StarsWith the first half of the MLB season closing in on the All-Star break, it’s interesting to take a look at how the voting works for choosing the All-Stars, from the American League and the National League who vie for positions on this 2015 All-Star game.

So how exactly are the managers and players selected for this event? This year’s All-Star game, called the Mid Summer Classic will be played in Cincinnati on Tuesday the 14th of July 2015. So let’s first look at a little history of the All-Star Game.

The All-Star game for Major League Baseball started back in 1933 and at that time the managers of the American and National League teams selected the players for their rosters. But after that many changes have been made and tried to keep up with the ever changing sport and the technology involved.

The fans started voting for the starters in the game back in 1947, and that was done as the fan filled out paper ballots before the All-Star break, and deposited their entries to ballot boxes at all the major league stadiums.
Yes the voting is still completed in these times, but the development of the internet has changed the voting to a more convenient system of casting votes. In these modern times fans are able to cast their ballots from their mobile phones or online computers.

Are you ready to vote and in a hurry, well take it easy as now there are limits to the type and number of player’s one can voter for in this system? You fans can select up to 8 position starting players from the National League teams and 9 for the American League teams. The AL insists on having a designated hitter in its 9th spot of the batting order, so they give fans the right to vote out of the DH pool for the current season. The National league in 2010 decided for the All-Star games would have a designated hitter for the 9th spot. But since their regular season does not use DH’s the Manager selected for the NL All-Star team selects the DH for the game.

Apart from the fans voting on the starting players, the managers of both leagues can select the balance of the All-Star rosters. The Managers for the game are the managers of the previous season’s league champions. This year the American League Manager is none other than the Kansas City Royals Ned Yost, while the National League is will be managed by the San Francisco’s Giants’ manager Bruce Bochy.
Bet on Sports at CRsportsBet.agThe starting pitchers are chosen by the respective league active players, managers and coaches who will vote for 3 relief pitchers and 5 starting pitchers, and the reserve players for the 1st round positions. After all the voting is completed the two respective managers will complete the balance of their roster of some 33 players, and at least 1 All-Star from all 30 teams has to be selected.

So if you want to vote you can get manual ballots at all MLB Stadiums, some 30, but also you can vote online at and look for the All-Star Ballot. The polls close for position players on Thursday the 2nd of July at 12:59 PM ET.

Remember for those that Bet on Baseball at a Sportsbook, a few days before the game, fans can vote 1 more time to select 1 last player for the AL & NL teams from a list of five players that have been chosen by the 2 managers and members of the office of the baseball commissioner and the choice are for this last final fan vote for 1 more player.


MLB Betting Recap – Phillies Rout Orioles 19-3!

phillies rout orioles 19-3With the 2015 MLB Season moving closer to the All-Star break in July, the games and players seem to be performing some incredible game changes. This past Tuesday the 16th of July 2015 we saw the Phillies of Philadelphia (22-44) get beat by the Orioles of Baltimore (33-31) with the final score Orioles 19 and the Phillies 3.

The winning pitcher was Tillman who is 5-7 and the losing pitcher was Williams who is now 3-7. This win was the Orioles 8th win in their last 9 games.

This loss for Philadelphia matched a loss record that had stood for some 132 years for the franchise.  There were 8 home runs hit in the game, with the Oriole compiling 17 hits and 1 error, while the Phillies had 6 hits and made 2 errors in the game.
Two Phillies players in M. Machado and C. Parmelee both hit 2 HR’s totaling 4 HR’s of the Orioles 8 HR’s in the game.  A baseball team that has 8 homers in 8 innings like the Orioles did in this 19-3 rout of the Phillies, it then appears that most of the starting roster had a good day in that outing.

The Phillies remark that seemed to represent the team was that it was the worst road trip, they had taken as of late. That prime comment came from their pitcher who finished the last two innings for Philadelphia. The Oriole have had 7 home runs in 3 different games previously, with the last time being back in September of 2012 playing at Toronto, but this is the first time for 5 HR’s in a game.

The game did not start well for the Phillies as the Orioles Machado hit his 2nd pitch from starting pitcher Williams into the seats in the left field of the stadium, and that started a 6 run 1st inning for the Orioles, and that headed the Phillies to losing their 12th straight road game.
Bet on Sports at CRsportsBet.agParamelee, a newcomer to the Orioles roster on that same day had 4 hits that included 2 homers, as he also had 2 RBI’s and scored three runs in the game.  The Orioles pitcher Tillman in his 6 innings allowed some 4 hits and 3 runs in his 3rd start this season that lasted through some 6 innings.

Meanwhile, the starting pitcher Williams for the Phillies left the game very early with an injury, after a struggling 1st inning where he only got 2 outs. D. McGowan came in and gave up 5 homeruns in the 3 1/3 innings that he pitched. Their next pitcher Fratus was ejected by the home plate umpire in the 6th, thus the Phillies pitching staff overall had a horrendous outing.

For those that Bet on MLB at an Online sportsbook or at other betting sites, you should know that the Phillies in this 2015 season have the worst overall record at 22 wins and 44 losses in the MLB, and on their road games they have 7 wins and 28 losses, signifying that their home record is 15 wins and 16 losses for the 2015 season to date.

Bet on the 2015 Women's World Cup

Bet on the 2015 Women’s World Cup – Canada vs. Netherlands

2015 women's world cupWith the 2015 Women’s World Cup – Canada is proceeding towards the final stages with the Group A game between Canada and the Netherlands which takes place on Monday the 15th of June 2015 at 7:30 PM ET and the Olympic Stadium in Montreal, Canada.

In earlier matches this past Thursday the Netherlands was beaten by China 1-0, and Canada had a draw with New Zealand later that same day 0-0. On Monday, when Canada and the Netherlands meet for the final game in Group A, with the winner advancing to the next stage in these World Cup Canada Games, while in Group B on Monday Thailand will play Germany.

If you Bet on Soccer at a online sports betting website and are a fan of Canada you know your team failed to win a position in the round of 16 because of their draw with New Zealand. That was as strange outcome since the Manager for Canada, J. Herdman had formerly coached the New Zealand team for some six years, and though he knew their game potential. That plus the fact that the New Zealand team had failed to score a goal in their preceding 4 matches, and had not won a World Cup match in their ultimate 10 games.

In the game against New Zealand, their Canadian offense once again struggled as they can’t seem to score goals, and that is proven by the fact, that in their last 11 international matches they have only managed to score some 12 goals. In this game against the Netherlands, the Canadian Star and Captain Sinclair will have to produce more offensive efforts to produce goals herself, or aid the teammates in scoring. For the National team, Sinclair in some 154 games had previously scored some 224 goals. They need to continue their ball possession as the displayed against New Zealand holding the ball for 59 % of the game, and against China some 62% of the game they had possession. But they need to start converting some of those possessions to goals.

Bet on Sports at CRsportsBet.agIf you’re a Netherlands fans, your team has all at stake in this game, as they are just 1 point behind Canada in the standings, while the Netherlands and China are in 3rd tied at 3 points each.  The Netherlands are presently ranked 12th in the World, and even as they lost to China, they found a goaltender that can defend their goal. S. Veenendaal was starting for injured L. Geurts and did a tremendous job of goaltending. She saw the Chinese team take some 27 shots at goal, making several decisive saves, but gave up a goal in the 91st minute of the game.

Now the Netherlands need to improve on their ball control and increase their scoring abilities. Primarily, because in the last game they allowed China to possess the ball some 60 % of the game and were outshot 38-14 by the opponents. The Netherlands will be seeking goals from their forward V. Miedema who in the last 7 World Cup qualifying games, she has scored 16 goals, and 7 have been in these qualifying matches.

The media experts predict this game will end in a draw with Canada 1 and the Netherlands 1.

NBA Finals Game 2 Recap

NBA Finals Game 2 Recap – Cav’s beat Warriors!

NBA Finals Game 2 RecapAs the 2015 NBA Finals are well underway as on Sunday night the 7th of June 2015 we had the privilege of watch the 2nd Game of the 7 Game Series between the Cavaliers of Cleveland (53-29) as they beat the Warriors of Golden State (67-15) in and exciting overtime game at 95-93 to tie the Series at 1-1.

Thus, we are going to attempt to bring an exciting recap to you, but first let’s take a look and the scoring for the game:

Quarters –         1st    2nd    H/T    3rd     4th   & OT   Final Score

Cleveland          20    27     47       15      25        8             95

Golden State     20    25     45       14      25        6             93

Yes, the buzzer ended the game, but it wasn’t over yet, as it moved into OT and LeBron made the OT score for the win.  This game after all was said and done belonged to the ‘King’ as he scored a triple double in the game. His Cavaliers nearly lost the game in the 4th quarter as the team seemed to collapse, then overcame the adversity to win if OT 95-93.

The Cavaliers LeBron in his 50 minutes of play in this 2nd Game of the Series, he had 11 assists, 16 rebounds and scored 39 points in the game to give him the triple/double. That took place on the court of the Warriors which is proclaimed to be the toughest stadium/arena in the NBA to win a game, and the Warriors this season had 47 wins with only 3 losses at their Oracle Arena.

To date in this 7 Game Series and the 2 Games played as of Sunday night, both have gone into overtime for the win.  Basically the Warriors and S. Curry struggled in this game, with Curry’s shooting performance at one of its lowest peaks.

In this game he only completed 5 of his 23 shots on FG’s, and made only 2 of his 15 attempts on 3-pointers as he scored a low of 19 points in the game, and gave up 6 turnovers. However as the game was ending Curry managed to make a lay-up to tie the game and send it to OT.  K. Thompson, with Curry’s shooting off tried to pick up the slack as he scored 34 points in the game, but his team suffered on 3-pointer as they made only 8 of 35 in the game, and overall for the game shot 39.8%.

The Cavaliers shooting performance was also off target, as the only made 32.2 percent of the shots, but did manage to have 55 rebounds to the Warriors 45.  The shooting % in this game for a winning team turned out to be the lowest shooting % since back in the 1984-1985 NBA Playoffs.

This turned out to be an important game for Cleveland as the won their 1st NBA Playoff game, and if they lost Game 2 they were looking at a 2-0 deficit, and teams with a 2-0 series lead, have won 28 of the 31 NBA Finals Series.

For those that Bet on the NBA at an online sports Betting site, the upcoming Game 3 will be played in Cleveland and the Warrior to regain the lead, it will be important for the Warriors bench to stay ahead of the Cavaliers depleted bench. On road games during this offseason the Warriors are 4 wins and 3 losses against the spread. Meanwhile the Cavaliers in this postseason have won 6 of the 7 home games, and seek to continue that winning trend.

The odds on the upcoming 3rd Game in Cleveland on Tuesday the 9th of June 2015 at 9:05 PM ET with the Warriors a slim favorite at -1 with the Total at 194 and -120 on the Money Line, with the comeback on the Cavaliers at +1 and Even on the ML.

For your continued interest in this NBA Finals Series we submit the remainder of these NBA Finals 4-7th Game Series Schedule:

The 4th Game will also be played in Cleveland on Thursday the 1th of June with tip-off at 9:05 PM ET and all game will be seen on ABC TV.

Then the 5th game moves back to Oakland on Sunday the 14th of June with tip-off at 9:05 PM ET.

The 6th Game (if needed) moves back to Cleveland on Tuesday the 16th of June 2015 with tip-off at 9:05 PM.

And the Final 7th Game if needed goes back to Oakland as the Cavaliers visit the Warriors and the game tip-off is also at 9:05 PM ET and seen on ABC TV.

Hope all our fans enjoy this exciting NBA Finals Series.

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Most Improved MLB Teams of the 2015 Season

Most Improved MLB Teams of the 2015 Season

Most Improved MLB Teams of the 2015 SeasonWith the 2015 MLB (Major League Baseball) Season drawing closer to the end of the 1st half of this 2015th MLB season, and the Annual July All-Star Game, it’s time we look at a couple of the most improved teams to date this season.

For the MLB betting experts out there,   that are now beginning to get a handle on what teams can contend, and the teams that had a recent cold streak.

One company has the MLB statistics on the odds for teams making the 2015 postseason, with their tools for projecting a team’s depth statistics. They have some complicated systems which don’t give guarantees, but make for good reference, and at the same time give us an inclination of who will be playing in postseason based on their present team members.

Those postseason odds every day are recalculated in reflecting what’s taking place on the diamond.  When a mediocre team gets hot and wins 18 to 20 games, they certainly improve chances for postseason play, and the wins are calculated in the stats and odds for postseason, thus they don’t depend only on projections.

With the season past the 1/3 mark and moving to half-time break we present some 5 teams chances in postseason odds since the opening day of this 2015 Season and their improvements:

The Team   * PO %-1s Day  * PO % 2nd June  *Improvement.   Houston           14.5%                 61.6%                   +47.1%              KansasCity     15.5%                 54.0%                   +38.5%    Minnesota        4.4%                 27.1%                   +22.7%             Yankees            34.5%              56.4%                   +21.9%       Chicago            35.3%               54.1%                   +18.8%

Thus the Astros of Houston and the Royals of Kansas City are the top 2 teams this season that have improved the most for the 2015 postseason odds.

If you enjoy a sports bet at your local online Sportsbook, you may want to watch these statistics. At the beginning of the 2015 MLB season this system of projection did not post any high expectations for the Houston or Kansas City, but fortunately both teams have performed well to date, thus the system sees them going ahead in the standing. Of course Minnesota has a large improvement, actually 3rd best as they entered the 2015 season with very low odds for the postseason.  At present they and the Royals are the talk of the town.

On the lower side of the postseason odds is Boston, as the Red Sox watched their odds take a big decrease to date this season, and we should not be surprised as they had a struggling offseason that has continued, and they are presently with just 22 wins and 29 losses to date.  Three other teams that had disappointing starts after preseason high odds are the Marlins, Mariners and Padres, and as a result of their slow starts in 2015, their chances of making the postseason has been reduced significantly to date.

Yes, there’s still a lot of baseball to be played but the postseason odds along with this daily recalculation system, it blends well with what is taking place, and what may happen for the remainder of the 2015 season. So stay tuned and keep betting on baseball.

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Belmont Stakes Betting - Triple Crown Preview

Belmont Stakes Betting -Triple Crown Preview!

2015 Belmont Stakes PreviewBetting on the 2015 Belmont Stakes

The 2015 Racing Festival for the Belmont Stake includes the 147th Grade 1 Belmont Stakes with a purse of $1.5 million and is from Thursday the 4th thru Saturday the 6th of June 2015 with the final race on Saturday.

This is the 3rd leg of the legendary Triple Crown race which the last time was won was back in 1978 by Affirmed. This Belmont Stakes will be on NBC TV.

Yes the 37 year wait may be over, since American Pharaoh won the Kentucky Derby and then the Preakness Stake and is just 1 win form taking the Triple Crown.  For those interested, in getting some extra horse betting advice, check out this quick Belmont Stakes horse racing tutorial to help you out.

Even as American Pharaoh is the -110 favored to win this Belmont Stakes, the many years of history tell us that American Pharaoh actually has the odds going against the Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes winner to end the long dry spell for Triple Crown Winners.  As we anticipate this race that could become an historical race, we review 5 facts that could help or hurt American Pharaoh in this Triple Crown quest at Belmont Stakes.

1st is the Length of the Track, which at Belmont is 1 1/2 mile while American Pharaoh showed he could win the Kentucky Derby which is on a 1 ¼ mile track, and won the Preakness at Pamlico which is a shorter track, and won by 7 lengths in that race.  However, none of the opponents have raced on a 1 1/2 mile track.  The Length could prove to be a disadvantage because of our next 2 factors.

Yes, the next factor we preview is fatigue as they don’t seem to produce horses as in the past.  In the old days horse racing was much more demanding, where today thoroughbreds race just once a month or at least somewhat on a limited basis.  In this Triple Crown Quest the horse need to race some 3 time in just 5 weeks, and as with American Pharaoh that is stressful for horses who are not accustomed to racing with such short spells of rest and recuperation. Thus, many think it will be difficult for a tired American Pharaoh to race on this long track, and become the victor.

Then there’s the fresher competition as the rivals will surely be fresher, as American Pharaoh will be facing other horses, that have missed one or both of the 2 legs to the Triple Crown in the Kentucky Derby and or the Preakness!  The top rivals for this race are Frosted and Materiality whom both ran in the Kentucky Derby but were not entered in the Preakness. Two other competitors that did not run in either of the first two legs, who will be ready to run are Madefromlucky and Tonalist and either could end the dream for American Pharaoh in this Belmont Stakes.

Then we have the ‘It’ Factor and many trainers and experts think American Pharaoh may just have ‘It”, as he has already proved he can perform in, not the best of condition, and closed strong at the Derby and at the Preakness, even starting from the hated No. 1 spot managed to beat the competition by some 7 lengths.

Finally a Triple Crown winner, after a drought of some 37 years and is long Overdue. Yes, it turns out 37 years is a long time to wait, and there have been some 13 horsed on the verge in those 37 years, as Affirmed was the last to do it, while all other failed, primarily they could not handle the distance, but that does not mean no horse can do it.

So,  if you Bet on Horses at a Sportsbook, be sure and review the morning odds the day of the race and pick you winner, as if you know who will win this Belmont Stakes, which could possibly also be a Triple Crown Winner ending the long drought of some 37 years.

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